Nature Art for Healthcare
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Help/Frequently Asked Questions

What do you sell?
I sell unframed archival prints on paper and canvas.
I do not sell the rights for others to print my art, except:

  • For prints on glass you can buy my work exclusively through Skyline Design
  • For wallcovering, acrylic and metal you can buy my printed art through MDC,
    or you can buy the digital files directly through me and have others print on those media elsewhere.
  • For backlit wall panels, you can buy my work through Sky Factory. We do not sell our images for use on backlit acrylic ceiling panels but recommend clients look at Sky Factory image options for those ceiling applications instead.

Do you frame the prints?
No. I ship the prints rolled up to you or your frame shop.

Can I purchase digital files of your images?
We print our own images on paper or canvas, but provide digital files of our work for you to have printed by others on metal, wallcovering, film, or acrylic. Only Skyline Design can print our images directly on glass.

What are your prices?
My wholesale prices are listed with each image by type of media and various sizes. I work exclusively with art consultants, frame shops, interior designers, architects and hospital facility staff. A link to a pricelist of some typical sizes can be found in the column to the right.

Do you offer discounting?
Yes, we offer discounting based on the dollar amount of the order: 5% if over $10,000, 10% if over $25,000, 15% if over $50,000, 25% if over $75,000 and 30% if over $100,000. Discounts also build for repeat clients. Resellers please contact us for other discounts.

Do you take credit cards?
We ask for payment by check within 30 days. We prefer checks, but can take credit cards over the phone for smaller orders. Downpayment of 50% is required only for orders over $20,000.

How do I place an order?
You can order via the web, email or phone. If you use the website, we'll contact you to confirm your choices before finalizing an order. To order by email or phone, we'll need the following information:

  • your name
  • billing and shipping addresses
  • phone numbers
  • the image name_number (for example dogwood_1332)
  • one of the dimensions (or both if you want a custom crop to a specific size)
  • the medium (paper or canvas)

How quickly can we get our prints?
We promise delivery within three weeks. If you need them more quickly we can usually accommodate.

What if I want a size that is not listed on your pricelist?
If you want to be sure that you get the whole image, then just give me either the height or width of the size you'd like. Then I'll let you know what the other dimension should be. (That will keep the same "aspect ratio," or format, of the image.)

For instance, you could say, "I want Lotus_4393 in a width of 40 inches." I'd tell you that the size would be 40 x 24.7. If you have a specific height and width that don't match the aspect ratios of my images, then I'll crop off some of the image to make it fit within your sizes. I will create a JPG mock-up of what the cropped image would look like and email it for your approval before I print it.

How large can your images be printed?
It depends on each image and on the viewing distance. Our largest images can print to 20 feet or more. You can see the recommended maximum size for the longest dimension of each image (width maximum for most images but height maximum for the verticals). You can also search by the maximum size to be sure you find the images match your needs. Please contact me if you have questions about larger sizes.

Do you offer "gallery wrap" for your canvas prints?
We offer a mirror-edge border at no extra charge so you can get the canvas gallery wrapped. We do not do the actual stretching or wrapping of the canvas. To learn more about mirror-edge borders and gallery wrapping click here.

How do you sign the prints?
I do not sign canvas prints. For paper prints, I sign under the image with graphite. I print the title on the left (just under the image) and place my signature on the right (just under the image). It looks like this:

 signature_placement_on paper

What are "archival" prints?
Archival prints will show no perceptible fading for generations. In contrast, the colors in mass-produced prints usually fade and develop a bluish cast in less than a decade.

Do you offer sample prints?
Yes. I'm happy to provide free letter-sized sample prints of images on my website. You can request them through the link at the footer of the webpage, or by sending me a lightbox with a note. The samples are made with the same archival ink and paper as the prints I sell.

Are your canvas prints safe in a busy hospital environment?
Yes. We apply four coats of a protective finish to our canvas prints that make it unnecessary to use glass.

What are the benefits of canvas prints versus paper?
Canvas prints don't require framing or glass so they are lighter weight, have less glare, and are less expensive to finish. The lighter weight in turn make canvas easier to display in larger sizes.

What if the client is not satisfied with the art?
We guarantee satisfaction. If your client is not satisfied, you can ship that print back to us and there will be no charge.

Will you come and photograph the area around the hospital?
I don't take assignments, but I do have thousands of images for you to choose from on my website. You can search by state to find nature images that are appropriate to your area.